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How to use

Enter your latmail.eu e-mail address into the field “User Name”, enter your password into “Password” field, press a key on your crypto device, enter received on device screen 6-digit number into “PIN” field.

If you wish to send encrypted e-mail, mark checkbox Encryption on the right corner of the e-mail composing screen, select from the nearby list “PGP encryption”. Public key of your mail recepient should be avaliable through public PGP keychain (or it could be entered manually in you address book). Press “send” button. Your mail will be encrypted and send to your correspondent.

To get encrypted e-mail you must inform your correspondent that your public key is avaliable through public PGP keychain service associated with your latmail.eu address. After receiving your evcrypted mesage, you must enter your private key password to read it. On the other side of crypto device you can get device serial number. You private key password is 6 last digits of serial number.

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  • Reliability Protection from unauthorized access
  • Safety Mailbox access is protected by hardware crypto device
  • Tranquillity E-mails are stored on protected servers
  • Capacity Mailbox has 2GB disk space
  • Usability Easy to use on PC's and mobiles