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How it works

Usually mail server access requires only login and password, in other words to hack any personal e-mail criminal plotter needs only to find out the password. Most users at the same time having fear to forget password use simplest words like `12345`,`qwerty`,`password` or birth date and phone number instead of complex password. Also most of users for their convenience ask browser and e-mail client on their mobile devices and notebooks to remember their passwords, so making e-mail absolutely insecure. In case of mobile device lost, this will allow anyone to read user e-mails.

We propose NEW market solution! Personal crypto device to generate one-time PIN-codes for e-mail server access. Now in conjunction with login and password system will require PIN-code entry. This six digit number will be shown on the screen of your personal crypto device (code calculator).

To get PIN (code) on the screen you need to press button on your crypto device. PIN code is generated every 30 sec. How much time is left till code expiration is shown by scale on the left side of the screen.

Codes are generated on the base of current time and secure device key according to TOTP algorithm. Every device has its own unique key. All keys are synchronized with the keys on our server, that's why only you – owner of the device – will be able to log-in at the current time. Without crypto device access to your mailbox is impossible!

Access to e-mail service is done through WEB-interface secured by SSL authorization. So you do not need to set-up mail clients and will be able to access you mail from most mobile and stationary devices: PCs, PADs, smartphones – virtually any device with web-browser.

Our mail-servers are located in secured data center. Physical and logical security of our data-center is approved by annual security audits including PCI DSS. At the time of mailbox creation RSA key pair is generated, allowing user to use the most powerful public crypt-system and sent encrypted e-mails. You do not need to worry about complex procedures of key distribution, we will do it at the time of your mail registration. Your private key will be stored in our encrypted database. No-one except you and your trustees will be able to read your e-mails!

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  • Reliability Protection from unauthorized access
  • Safety Mailbox access is protected by hardware crypto device
  • Tranquillity E-mails are stored on protected servers
  • Capacity Mailbox has 2GB disk space
  • Usability Easy to use on PC's and mobiles