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1. I forgot my password. What to do?
Follow the link ‘Forgot your password’. On the next page you will be asked to enter a name and an alternate e-mail address. Next, you will need to answer your security question, and you will receive a new password to the alternate e-mail address.
2. I have lost my crypto device (PIN calulator) / My device was stolen. What to do?
Please go to following link www.latmail.eu/renewal/. Fill in e-mail for which you want to restore the device and answer the Control question. After this will be send control code to your reserve e-mail. Enter control code on recovery page. If everything is right you will be forwarded to the payment page. You will need to pay for a new crypto device and its delivery. Please take a notice that device will be send to the address specified by you at the time of your registration. If you have an additional question on this subject – feel free to contact our support team support@latmail.eu.
3. How can I use mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird) with your service?
Unfortunately our service does not support external mailing agents.
(Possible for corporate clients)
4. I have decided to stop using your service. Should I return crypto device? If I want to use again your service in the future, do I need to re-register?
Crypto device is your personal property after payment. Your account is active during a year after activation. You may use service or you may stop using service any time during this period. At the end of the period, you need to pay forward for the next year of service, to continue using service.
5. I want to prolong service, what should I do?
Month prior to service expiry date, to your main mail address (and at the same time to your reserve e-mail) you will receive notice with link to the payment page to prolong services. I you have additional questions, regarding service prolongation, please contact our support team at support@latmail.eu.
6. My crypto-device does not work anymore. How can I change it?
If more than four years passed since your device purchase, its battery expired and it is no longer valid. You need to purchase new device. If less than four years passed since your device purchase we are ready to exchange broken device free of charge (not including cost of delivery) if send us back broken device. Latmail.eu reservs the right not to exchange device in case that device was misused or intentionally broken.
7. How we check incoming emails?
8. What does latmail.eu use for encryption?
9. How does latmail.eu user interface work?

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  • Reliability Protection from unauthorized access
  • Safety Mailbox access is protected by hardware crypto device
  • Tranquillity E-mails are stored on protected servers
  • Capacity Mailbox has 2GB disk space
  • Usability Easy to use on PC's and mobiles