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Corporate offer

Corporate security — our expertise!

Our company is founded by experienced professional team of IT-specialists in the field of electronic payments and banking technologies, that why we deeply understand all business requests in secure mail communications. We also know all the difficulties of in-house support of IT-infrastructure in small and medium companies. That's why we developed flexible corporate plans based on business customer demands. Using our service you will be able to save significant sums in IT-maintenance costs and get secure and robust way of business communication based on industry proof commercial encryption methods.

For corporate clients we propose following corporate plans:

  • E-mail addresses up to 10
  • Mail account space 2 Gb
  • E-mail addresses 11 – 50
  • Mail account space 3 Gb
  • E-mail addresses 51 – 200
  • Mail account space 5 Gb
  • E-mail addresses 201 - 5000
  • Mail account space 10 Gb


All corporate plans support following services:

  • Your domain name in mail address - employee@company_name
  • Worldwide secure e-mail access from any public networks with OTP token
  • Secure e-mail access with e-mail clients (Outlook /Thunderbird/The Bat) from predefined corporate networks without OTP token
  • Supports hardware PGP encryption without additional key management
  • Access to e-mail and encryption have hardware FIPS 140-2 certified HSM based back end.
  • No advertising
  • SPAM protection
  • Virus protection
  • Robust storage
  • SSL encryption for all connections
  • Technical support

You have not found right plan for your demands? We are always ready to discuss the implementation of tailored solutions for your business! Just call us.

We look forward to doing business with you!

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  • Reliability Protection from unauthorized access
  • Safety Mailbox access is protected by hardware crypto device
  • Tranquillity E-mails are stored on protected servers
  • Capacity Mailbox has 2GB disk space
  • Usability Easy to use on PC's and mobiles